My outdoor plans for 2018 - Her Hikeness
My outdoor plans for 2018 are multiple weekend getaways full of hiking and may contain buying and building a stealth camper! Read all about my plans and destinations in this blog filled with links for more info and inspiration.
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My outdoor plans for 2018

My outdoor plans for 2018

My outdoor plans for 2018

So it’s almost march and spring will be on our doorsteps before we know it. It’s also the time I’m starting to make my outdoor plans for 2018. It might be a bit late, but some of them have been on my mind since the past 2 years. I for one can’t wait to explore these adventures this year, and of course I’ll write all about them in the future!

May – Oberstdorf part 3 (Germany)

So first off we’ll start with our honeymoon! We’ll be traveling back to Oberstdorf for a third and last time. Normally I don’t like revisiting places because there are just so many other places to explore. But as I’ve mentioned in this blog it’s just a very special place for us and why we decided to travel there one last time for our honeymoon. We’ll be hiking some last trails there and visit Austria since we’re in that area anyway. This way we can say our proper goodbyes and still explore some new terrain.

June – Rurberg part 2 (Germany)

So I’ve just mentioned how I didn’t like revisiting places I’ve already been to… But since my husband hasn’t hiked around the Obersee in Rurberg like I did many years ago, I really want to show him this trail. It’s just so beautiful and a nice and quick weekend getaway since it’s only a 2,5 h drive.

July – Rheinsteig 2 or 3 stages (Germany)

As we’d like to go on more weekend getaways this year I try my best to find nice trails near to our home. (I think it’s safe to say that I’ll call everything withing a 4 h drive ‘near to our home’ haha.) I’ve read about the Rheinsteig multiple times by now and I think it’ll be a perfect fit for us. By now I assume you know we really enjoy traveling to Germany as it’s such a wonderful and varied country. The people are lovely and warm and our knowledge of the German language is improving quite a bit by now. We just love it there and I’m sure we’ll love the Rheinsteig too.

August – Hockai (Belgium)

We’ve not been hiking in Belgium before and that’s a shame. Belgium has – just like the Netherlands and Germany – lots of beautiful places to hike. We would like to explore some trails there as well. I’ve found a dutch blog with multiple trails on it so we’ll try a few of them starting in Hockai.

September – Willingen (Germany)

As we drove back home from the Bodensee last time we traveled to Oberstdorf we came past Willingen. We were happy to see such beautiful scenery and put it on our ‘to hike’ list. I’m still amazed by how lovely the websites in Germany are for people looking for hiking trails! Though I have to warn you, some of them are only in German. Others have translated sections but those are missing out some details most of the time. (Tip, in Google chrome you can just right click anywhere in the text and hit ‘translate to ….’ and that works just fine!) Nevertheless the trail sites are awesome, GO GERMANY!

October – Thru hike the Mullerthal trail (Luxembourg)

First of, you can’t really thru hike the Mullerthal trail I guess, since it has no start and finish point as from A to B. But there is a ‘classic way‘ to ‘thru’ hike the Mullerthal trail hitting off every section. I’ve come to love the idea of thru hiking, but we’re rather limited in the possibilities near to our home. Seeing we’d have to hike for about 20 km each day for 6 days in a row, sleeping at different places and bringing along our camping gear next to all our other supplies… it’ll be a very good training for all of us.

Other plans for 2018

Day hikes in the Netherlands

So I’m planning to go on a weekend getaway nearly every month this year since we won’t be going on a big holiday (aside from our honeymoon). But next to the weekend getaways we will be doing some ‘normal’ day hikes within our own country. We want to keep up our endurance and we just love to be outdoors, just about anywhere.

Buying and building a stealth camper / van!

So… it has been a dream of mine since a couple of years now and it seems it’ll become a reality this year! I’m just so excited to get started but I’ll have to wait just a bit more now. I really hope to buy a van this year. A proper one with 3 seats in the front, good engine, no rust and so on. If we’ve found our van we will turn it into a stealth camper ourselves. I’ve been dreaming away watching and reading about other people doing it and I’m sure I can learn to do it too.

I can’t wait to go on road trips with my family and have my bed with me all the time. I also like to design and build loads of stuff, just like we turned our Betsie (Renault kangoo) into a micro camper. I will write all about buying and building our stealth camper when the time comes.


So this has become quite a long list of things we hope to do this year. I hope it has inspired you to go and explore more yourself and I’d love to hear about your plans for 2018!

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