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Mullerthal Trail Route 2, section 5, 6, 7 & 8

Mullerthal Trail

Mullerthal Trail Route 2, section 5, 6, 7 & 8

The Mullerthal Trail is a trail of 112 km in Luxembourg. It’s called Little Switzerland due to the surrounding nature and rock formations you’ll encounter on the trail. We hiked our first sections on route 2 of the Mullerthal trail in July 2017 during a badly planned hiking trip.

Mullerthal Trail


A poorly planned hiking trip

So I’ll write a separate blog about all the rookie mistakes we’ve made during our first year of hiking. That’ll be funny, I can assure you that! But this hiking trip is a great example of how your hiking trip shouldn’t go.

We decided last minute we wanted to go on a hiking trip, like 2 hours before we got on the road last minute. That’s really not enough time to check out the trail details, maps, weather forecast and pack your bags. But we did it anyway. We arrived in Echternach at about 10 p.m. and decided to go to bed. The next day we woke up at about 6 a.m. got some breakfast and parked the car near the trail. I totally forgot to bring my wallet and left it in the car. I came to that conclusion after about 20 km of hiking, oops.

Mullerthal TrailMullerthal trail route 2 section 5 & 6

So we decided to hike route 2 of the Mullerthal trail. I didn’t read everything on the website so I didn’t know about the separate sections. I just knew about the 3 routes and that the one we’d picked was about 37 km long. The longest hike we’d been on was 27 km, so we didn’t know for sure we were ready for 37 km, but we tried anyway.

We started in Echternach in the direction of Scheidgen. It was a steep climb up the first hill. We were the only one this early on the trail, next to two foxes who crossed the trail right in front of us, which was awesome! The trail didn’t seem that difficult at first and we were able to keep a good pace.

Somewhere between Scheidgen and Müllerthal the trail became more difficult. It kept going up and down over rocks, stairs and through small cliffs. We had to take our backpacks of to fit through some of them. We also came to the conclusion that it would be rather difficult for us to finish the 37 km at this rate, so we decided on a big break in Müllerthal to catch our breath.

Mullerthal TrailMullerthal trail route 2 section 7 & 8

Before we started our hike I checked the map for a place where we could grab some lunch and/or dinner. It showed various options so we didn’t bring a lot of food, just some sandwiches and snacks, but definitely not enough for a 37 km hike. It became clear this was a huge mistake. The restaurants we passed on our route were closed or booked for private parties. We tried to grab a hot dog at a campsite we passed, but it only took cash… which – of course – we forgot to bring. Ah, yeah… at this point I came to the conclusion I didn’t bring my wallet with me. Which gave me quite a scare because I didn’t know for sure I’d lost it or simply left it in the car. Which is stupid either way.

We came across a hotel whose kitchen was closed, but they had ice cream… so that’s definitely something! After eating a giant bowl of ice cream we decided to start hiking the last part of the trail. We couldn’t head back with public transportation due to lack of cash and no ATM anywhere near.

Mullerthal TrailThe trail was harsh but beautiful! I kept looking all around me. It was too much beauty to properly take in while hiking on a good pace. We decided we’d definitely needed to visit again. The various heights, thick forest and unique trail isn’t something we come across often.

After a while of hiking we’d reached Bedorf. This lovely town had restaurants, ATM’s and a bus stop! We were famished and tired and most of all, saved haha! We decided on taking a bus back to Echternach, grab a bite and head back to our campsite. Oh, and my wallet was just fine stashed somewhere between my clothes in our car… lucky me.

Final thoughts

I think the Mullerthal trail is one of the most beautiful places to hike in the ‘near’ distance of our home town. Most sections were really peaceful and if you’re prepared your hike well I’m sure you’ll have a great time while being there. I’m sure we will too when we’re going back with proper preparations.

  • Ashley Beolens
    Posted at 14:12h, 17 February Reply

    Looks like a great place for a walk, not sure about that hanging rock! Probably been there hundreds of years, but I’d be convinced it would fall as I walked under 🙂

    • Mona - Her Hikeness
      Posted at 14:54h, 17 February Reply

      It really is! I was afraid of that hanging rock too, but it did get creepier further on the trail where some rocks were covering a small cliff. Pitch black in there! I was afraid to get buried alive haha. The thought of hundreds of people crossing it kept me going but it was really sketchy.

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