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Going to Slovenia for our honeymoon was the best decision we could've made. Slovenia is full of beautiful nature in the Triglav area, amazing winefields and even has an Italian feel to it when you visit Piran. This is what we did when we were in Slovenia.
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Slovenia, an amazing outdoor destination


Slovenia, an amazing outdoor destination

Okay, let me start off by telling you why we moved our plans around from going to Oberstdorf to Slovenia for our honeymoon. We have been to Oberstdorf for 2 times in the past year (read about it here, and here) and we absolutely love it there. Two weeks before every trip we make I begin to check the weather forecast daily. It was clear that Oberstdorf wasn’t such a good idea based on the weather forecast. I also had this gut feeling that it was better to visit a new place, somewhere we hadn’t been yet. But where to go?

We used a random destination picker and it landed on Bled in Slovenia. Slovenia??? I didn’t even know where it was. We were intrigued by the photos and the information the destination picker gave us, so it was time for some more digging.

What is there to know about Slovenia?

Slovenia is a really small country with only 20.273 km² to it’s name and a population of something more than 2.000.000 people. In comparison with the Netherlands (where we’re from) this tells us there must be loads of nature. If you do some digging, you’ll find that’s completely true! Slovenia seems to have it all. In the north you’ll find the Julian Alps, lake Bled and Lake Bohinj. If you go a little more south you’ll find yourself stunned by the blue Soca river and the Tolmin Gorge. Go a little more south and the whole landscape starts to change to a more french like wine field type of landscape. And at the bottem/coast side you’ll find yourself in Italy! Well, sort of. It did remind us of it so much!

Staying at lake Bohinj

We decided on a campsite at lake Bohinj. We arrived late in the evening. I’d been behind the wheel for 19 hours (breaks included!) and I was feeling tired as hell. We parked Betsie on a free spot and turned in for the night. In the morning there was just a little bit of fog between the mountains just above the lake. It was mesmerizing! A lot of people only stay one night at this campsite before heading further on their travels. This gave us the opportunity to pick the best spot, which we did! We had a huge spot all to ourselves with just 3 meters between our tent and the lake with a brilliant view! We couldn’t be happier. The campsite was lovely and so was the owner.

Hiking near mount Vogel

On the first day we hiked near mount Vogel. We had amazing views but the mountain kicked our asses. We didn’t reach the summit and the really steep trails where heavily loaded with little rocks. It was quite a dangerous trail to be honest. Even being as careful as we could, I managed to fall down quite hard. Luckily I only bruised my ass a bit so it could’ve been worse haha. We did an 8 hour hike and we only saw 2 people the entire day. That’s peace and quiet for ya!

Visiting the Tolmin Gorge and the Soca river

On the third day we visited the Tolmin Gorge. After having been in the Breitachclamm we really enjoy watching the water from the mountains rushing trough tiny gorges. It’s amazing how beautiful nature can be! It did remind us a lot of the Breitachclamm, the only difference is that the water of the Tolmin Gorge is definitely more blue. You can do a nice hike there that’ll take about an hour or so.

After visiting the Tolmin Gorge we drove a little further to the Napoleon bridge in Kobarid where we hiked along the Soca river to the Kozjak waterfall and back to the bridge. This hike is amazingly beautiful and is something you can do with your whole family. We drove back to the campsite by taking a big detour, crossing the border to Italy and again back to Slovenia passing Bled back to Ukanc. We can highly recommend taking that route if you’re ever in that area. The sights are amazing!

From pure nature, peace and quiet to little Italy… Piran

We are definitely not ‘stay at a coast hotel, sunbathing and stroll down the boulevard’ kind of travelers… We know that now for sure. The weather got really bad and we were advised to go to Piran. With only a 2,5 hour drive from our campsite it was a really doable day trip. As we were driving the scenery changed from heavily thick forest and huge mountains to little hills with wine fields on top of them to a little Tuscan like landscape. We arrived in Piran and it was beautiful. We did a little strolling on the boulevard, had some lunch and ice cream, strolled a little more… got bored and drove back home. Zara definitely didn’t like the traffic and all the people. We were happy to arrive back in Triglav national park where there wasn’t any loud noise. We did hear some wolves crying however, how cool is that?

A walk to the Savica waterfall

In the evening the weather forecast for the next day looked amazing! I was so happy to be finally going up the mountains again. And then the weather turned on us again in the morning… We had plans to go up the mountains in Triglav national park to see mount Triglav a little bit closer. But with thunderstorms on the horizon this isn’t a responsible choice. We decided to walk to the Savica waterfall and pack up our things when we’d be back at the campsite. The waterfall was stunning and so worth all the stairs you have to take before arriving there! We were lucky to be back before all the touring cars arrived! If you want to visit the Savica waterfall, make sure to visit as early as you can!

Bye Slovenia

We checked out at the campsite, drove back to Oberstdorf for another hiking day, drove to the Black forest the next day for another hiking day and arrived back home late in the evening. It was an amazing holiday and we’ll definitely visit Slovenia again. What a lovely country, with lovely people, so inexpensive and great for dogs. We absolutely FEEL sLOVEnia!

  • Sheila
    Posted at 19:29h, 29 May Reply

    Jaaaah wat mooi allemaal!!! Slovenië ziet er mooi uit. Ik wist dan wel waar het ligt 😉 Ok, klinkt heel stom, maar ik krijg heel veel zin om naar Nieuw Zeeland te gaan. Nieuwe hiking boots zijn gekocht. Ik had nog een paar die ik ooit in 2003 kocht voor mijn backpack reis van toen. Tegenwoordig zijn ze veel lichter en ik vond dat ik wel eens nieuwe schoenen verdiende. Kan niet wachten om ze te gebruiken.
    P.S. Ik heb trouwens je vraag beantwoord in mijn blog 🙂

    • Mona - Her Hikeness
      Posted at 18:15h, 30 July Reply

      Ha! Je reactie was wel aangekomen maar mijn laptop was overleden en dat duurde een beste poos haha. Het is echt zeker ontzettend mooi! Wat voor boots heb je gekocht? Ben echt zoooo benieuwd naar je reis, kan niet wachten tot ik de foto’s op Instagram ga zien en je verhalen kan lezen, zo tof!

  • Sheila
    Posted at 19:30h, 29 May Reply

    Hmm.. is mijn vorige reactie nou aangekomen?

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