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Hiking the Mullerthal trail in Luxembourg

Mullerthal Trail

Hiking the Mullerthal trail in Luxembourg

The Mullerthal Trail is a trail of 112 km in Luxembourg. It’s called Little Switzerland due to the surrounding nature and rock formations you’ll encounter on the trail.

A little bit of Switzerland close to home

If we go for a little weekend getaway with lots of hiking involved we often go for the Mullerthal trail in Luxembourg. We absolutely love it there. The rock formations are breathtaking and the trails are often not crowded at all. The Mullerthal trail is a trail divided in 3 loops of 2 sections each, about 20 km each section. If you’re still not done with the great surroundings you can always choose to do the 4 extra tours. It’s heavily surrounded by patches of forest and you’ll find yourself thinking you might me just out in the wildernis, which of course is just an illusion if you study the map. But it’s great nonetheless to get that feeling whenever your hiking.

I can’t believe you could get lost

You can (and should) bring a map or GPS with you, just to be sure. But we’ve never been on a trail that is this closely marked as the Mullerthal trail. I didn’t even have time to think to look at te map before I spotted the next mark of where we should go. The trail marks are just about everywhere you look, trees, fences, rocks, signposts… everywhere! On crossroads you’ll find a signpost with lots of information and directions on them and every now and then you’ll find a huge information board with a giant map on it.

Climbing paradise

If we’re not there to hike we like to bring out a crash pad for bouldering. In Berdorf you can find some great boulders to do some outdoor climbing. Which is absolutely more fun than doing it in a indoor climbing hall! Just imagine enjoying some great moves while hearing the birds sing just about everywhere.

  • Ashley Beolens
    Posted at 14:12h, 17 February Reply

    Looks like a great place for a walk, not sure about that hanging rock! Probably been there hundreds of years, but I’d be convinced it would fall as I walked under 🙂

    • Mona - Her Hikeness
      Posted at 14:54h, 17 February Reply

      It really is! I was afraid of that hanging rock too, but it did get creepier further on the trail where some rocks were covering a small cliff. Pitch black in there! I was afraid to get buried alive haha. The thought of hundreds of people crossing it kept me going but it was really sketchy.

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