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Hiking in Rurberg, around the Rursee

Hiking in Rurberg

Hiking in Rurberg, around the Rursee

So when I say I started hiking in 2016, I would be lying just a tiny bit. The first time I really went hiking was years before that and not planned at all. I went hiking in Rurberg around the Obersee. It was near to where I lived back then and it was a beautiful and warm day. I really wanted to go for a walk. It turned into an unplanned 16 km hike. I did have a great time, even when my whole body was sore.

Hiking in Rurberg, back to where it all started

So last year we decided to go on a weekend getaway. We didn’t know where we should go, so I came up with the idea to (re)visit Rurberg. I showed my husband a couple of pictures from the area and he was sold. We packed our bags, I checked the weather forecast and downloaded the maps for a hike around the Rursee and Obersee.

We had some trouble finding the campsite, but after a while we paid for our pitch and put up our tent. It was still early in the camping season so it was pretty darn cold and we decided to go to bed early.

Around the Rursee

So having hiked around the Obersee already I decided it was best to start with hiking around the Rursee. It was our first long distance hike, setting our new record to 27 km on one day. I tweaked the route a bit so we would go over a steep hill and through the forest. Soon after we started we found out just how steep that hill was. I think I’ve died several times there. No but seriously, that was one steep hill!

After we took a break to catch our breath we hiked through the beautiful forest and watched the beautiful lake below before going downhill back to the trails that led us around the lake.

After 20 km I became really tired and sore. It was clear to us that 27 km in one day was still a bit difficult for us as we’d been hiking for about 6 months and didn’t go that often yet. Still it was nice to do and to learn about our own capabilities. We still managed to finish the last 7 km smiling and proud. The weather was perfect and the forest, lake and hills couldn’t have been more beautiful.

Hiking in Rurberg

Take a break, take a kayak?

No… just no! Never ever again (never say never?) will I rent a kayak and paddle around with it on a cold, rushing lake. Let’s back it up a bit. So we both were completely sore and tired from our long hike the day before. We really wanted to hike around the Obersee on our second day in Rurberg, but we decided to save that for a next time and rent a kayak instead.

So we went to the place we came across the day before and asked for a kayak. The lady warned us about the wind. It was very strong that day and we had to paddle like a madman. We went anyway… headstrong much? So we paddled like a crazy madman and woman. It wasn’t fun at all (but we still managed to smile for a photo, yay!). I was scared to tip over in the ice cold water due to all the waves. After have tried to have fun for way to long we decided to paddle back and return the kayak. Both my husband and I decided we weren’t meant for water. Well, at least we know that now.

Hiking in Rurberg

So we will visit Rurberg again to hike around the Obersee. I think there’s a very good chance that will be somewhere this year. This time we’ll stay clear from water, brrrrr.


Have you ever been to Rurberg? And what are your thoughts on water?

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