My 2018 gear & gadget wish list - Her Hikeness
There is a lot I don't own yet and is still on my wish list. Since I try to be a minimalist I only buy what I really need (or love). So here's what I think I'll be needing for all my trips this year. Here's my 2018 gear & gadget wish list.
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My 2018 gear & gadget wish list

gear & gadget wish list

My 2018 gear & gadget wish list

I love hiking and camping gear and gadgets like I’ve told you in this blog. There is a lot I don’t own yet and is still on my wish list. Since I try to be a minimalist I only buy what I really need (or love). So here’s what I think I’ll be needing for all my trips this year. Here’s my 2018 gear & gadget wish list.


  • Hiking pantsI’m working my ass off, literally! I’m hoping to go back 2 sizes seeing my behind has grown a lot the past two years. I’m holding of buying new clothes since I’ve got my mind set on losing weight. I just can’t spend money on clothes I won’t fit in a few months. So here’s to losing weight and buying new pants haha!
  • Hiking bootsMy currect hiking boots are in need of replacing. We’ll be visiting the Algau Outlet when we’re back in Oberstdorf to shop for some nice shoes, I can’t hardly wait.
  • Swimming trunksSo I’ve read that some hikers wear swimming trunks as they are inexpensive, dry quickly and they’re really lightweight. I really want to buy a pair for my summer hikes to try it for myself.
  • CompassI’ve always used my phone as a map, but I think it’s time I learn to use a map and a compass


  • Ultralight tent We’re looking at an ultralight tent from Decathlon. I really love their products and can’t wait to test this one. We’ll swap the stakes for ultralight ones.
  • Thermarest Zlite mattressI’ve read good things about this mattress so I’m sold. I hope I’ll enjoy it during our trips!
  • Ultralight sleeping bagYes, I want to go for light or ultralight gear since I don’t want to carry any weight I don’t have to. But since the price is something I’m considering too I might be going for this one.
  • Dog sleeping bag Since Zara has lived in Curacao for over a year we’ve come to know she doesn’t like it’s cold outside. So she’ll be getting her own sleeping bag. I think I’ll be buying this one from Hurtta.
  • Bigger backpackSince we’ve set our minds on a multi day hike we’ll be needing bigger backpacks. I’ve not decided on which ones yet.


  • A big chalk bagWe own a small chalk bag, but we have learned a big one would be very nice to have.
  • New climbing shoesI just started out with new shoes, they are flat and really comfy… which is also the reason I want to upgrade them for more curved ones before the end of this year. I don’t like how they feel on my feet, but I’m guessing they will be better for bouldering.

So that’s about it. It’s stil quite a long list, but seeing as we’ve been hiking for only 2 years and just started bouldering, we didn’t own a lot yet. I will (of course) share my gear list in time and I’ll let you know how the mentioned gear & gadgets are working out for me.

  • Sheila
    Posted at 22:45h, 15 March Reply

    Ik heb tijdens mijn cursus advanced diving aan navigatie duiken gedaan. Super leuk, maar ik was er niet heel goed in. Manlief is wel heel goed in navigeren met een kompas. Maar goed, hij is ook oud marinier. Dan heb je dat ding wel heel vaak gebruikt. Je zou naar Nieuw Zeeland moeten gaan. Daar heb je ook zulke mooie hike routes! En in Tasmanië, Australië. Daar is o.a. de Overland Track één van de meest bekendste routes. Daar heb ik maar een gedeelte van gedaan. Ik vond die 65 km over bergen enzo te lang 🙂

    • Mona - Her Hikeness
      Posted at 21:09h, 16 March Reply

      Haha wel handig dat hij er zo goed in is en wat gaaf zo’n cursus en navigatie duiken! Goede tips voor de hikes! Australië en Nieuw Zeeland staan zeker nog op de to do list, maar ik zal ook even naar Tasmanië kijken, thanks.

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