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Her Hikeness is a blog filled with my outdoor adventures. Stories about traveling, sports, activities, gear & gadgets. I love nature and all the magic it holds. I go on hikes every chance I’ve got. I love visiting our local boulder gym and make multiple trips throughout Europe for more hiking and exploring.
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Adventure Dog

So I've written a blog about adopting a stray dog already, but there might be a lot of things you'll have to do and consider before you can take him or her with you on your outdoor adventures. Some stray and/or rescue dogs aren't socialized as well as they should be. Some rescue dogs have been in shelters for a long time and won't be used to walking on a leash, or walking long(er) distances...

I really want to talk about the stray dogs in Curaçao, and maybe not only the ones there, but all over the world. On this day of sharing your love, you might want to share a bit to those really in need. I just can't help but feeling desperate when I think of all the animals in high need. Of course there are loads of people in need too, and I feel for them as...