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I’ve tried 5 bouldering games

bouldering games

I’ve tried 5 bouldering games

So apparently bouldering games are well known in the bouldering world. Since I’m new to bouldering, I’m also new to bouldering games. I’ve come across them while browsing trough Pinterest so I decided to give them a try. Here’s how I think about 5 bouldering games.

1. Add On

Add on is a game where you start in a start position, or with a sequence of hand moves, foot moves are open. The first climber then adds 1 hand move to that sequence. The next climber must complete the moves of the sequence and add a new move. If you fall down or can’t make the move you’re either out for the round, or you can work with strikes (after 3 strikes you’re out).

We decided to work with ‘last man standing’. We also decided on using multiple routes for this game, as we’re still new to bouldering. We really enjoyed this game, but it was rather a fun game instead of a challenge.

2. Eliminator

Eliminator is kind of similar to add on, only backwards. You choose a route and climb it. The first climber will then eliminate a hold, which the next climber cannot use anymore and repeat this for the next climber. The last climber to complete the route wins.

My husband is more skilled at climbing, a bit taller than I am and has more strength in his arms. So it was pretty obvious who was going to win this one. Still it was a very challenging and fun game. You’ll get more creative and because it’s sort of competitive you’ll push yourself more. We’re definitely going to play this game a lot more!

3. Twister

Who said you can only play Twister on the ground? Bring your Twister board (or smartphone app) to your boulder gym and have fun with it! It’s just like the Twister we all know (and love!).

We had loads of fun playing this game, you’ll need to get creative so it’s quite a challenge.

4. Time’s up

Grab your stopwatch and get moving, because this game is a fast one! Set a time, something like 5 seconds (or more) and try to grab as many holds as you can before time runs out. The next climber has to try and beat that result and so on.

We first tried it with 15 seconds, but that proved to be too long. I completed the sequence in 9 seconds, so we decided on lowering the available time to 5 seconds. I didn’t quite like this game because you’ll take more risks to get as far up as you can. I don’t like falling haha!

5. Up and down

For this game you have to climb up to the top and then back down again without touching the ground. After you’ve come back down, go back up again. Repeat this for as many times as you can. Whoever goes up and down without touching the ground most wins.

This game is definitely one I’m going to do a lot more when I go training. It’s a great game to improve your climbing skills, endurance and strength. This is why I see it more like training instead of a game.


Do you play bouldering games? Which one is your favorite?

  • Sheila
    Posted at 22:29h, 26 February Reply

    Grappig om te lezen, Met klimmen heb ik nog nooit spellen gedaan, maar waarom ook niet? Je schreef dat je het bij boulderen houdt omdat je hoogtevrees hebt. Maar ik heb ook last van hoogtevrees, hoor. Ik weet niet of je de klimhal eens bezocht hebt? Maar ik houd het dus altijd bij de kortste wanden. Ik heb ook eens de hoge wanden geprobeerd, maar dan durf ik maar tot de helft. Maar goed, ik klim wel 😉

    • Mona - Her Hikeness
      Posted at 22:43h, 26 February Reply

      Ik heb al eens geklommen op een klimmuur maar vond dat echt niks. Mijn hoogtevrees begint echter te verminderen door het boulderen dus wellicht probeer ik het in de toekomst gewoon nog eens. 😉

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