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About stray dogs in Curaçao and adopting a stray dog as your hiking buddy

stray dogs in Curaçao

About stray dogs in Curaçao and adopting a stray dog as your hiking buddy

I really want to talk about the stray dogs in Curaçao, and maybe not only the ones there, but all over the world. On this day of sharing your love, you might want to share a bit to those really in need. I just can’t help but feeling desperate when I think of all the animals in high need. Of course there are loads of people in need too, and I feel for them as well and I really want to help them too. But I can’t help but feeling that there is some kind of ranking of importance when I don’t think there should be. I believe we are all equally important. Which is not restricted to humans only.

I know this blog won’t have a lot in common with my hiking stories… but since Zara is a big part of my outdoor life I really want to tell you about this.

stray dogsDocumentary “Lost in Paradise: The Dogs of Curaçao”

So the other day we went out to take some new pictures for my Instagram feed. I was unhappy with the clothing choices I had. It had put me in a bad mood… but we went anyway, the photos were fantastic. I forgot all about my fashion problems.

That same evening I saw a documentary about the dogs in Curaçao (Dutch). As some of you know, my lovely dog and hiking buddy Zara was born in Curaçao and saved as a pup when her mom was nearly starved to death. Even though I knew there are problems with animals over there, the horror I saw in this documentary shocked me. I cried all night and I didn’t know what to do. All I know is I do want to help so badly! I felt really ashamed of myself getting in a bad mood over fashion options. I mean… what the hell?!

Here I was, frustrated about clothes when there are people mistreating animals, starving them to death, dumping them like their lives aren’t worth a damn thing, when there are people who don’t have food, a roof over their head and what not… How dare I stress about freaking clothes? Well, I cried a lot more after that realization.

Helping, adoptions and donations

So I want to do more about problems like these. I really want to help charities and foundations like the one where we’ve adopted Zara. I am planning to make merchandise for this website in the future. Part of the profits will be donated to charities and foundations which will be announced by the time my shop is ready. But there’s a lot more that can be done. Maybe you can help them out by doing your internship at a local foundation or abroad? I know Pippi’s rescue foundation is always looking for interns!

If you’re looking for an amazing furry friend as a hiking buddy, maybe check out local shelters or the ones abroad. Even if you can’t meet your future friend in person, I know the people organizing the adoption process are really helpful and will do everything they can to ensure a great match. Ask them for videos so you can see your future friend in his or her daily routine, it’ll give you a great impression.

If you are comfortable in your life, you can always donate. Even a small amount of money will help charities and foundations a lot! And if you can’t afford to donate money, maybe you can gather stuff they can use. You can always tell people about the charity or foundation you’re interested in. Even telling people about it can help, because not a lot of people might even know about the existance of them.


What about you? Are you already helping those in need? Which charity or foundation did you choose and why?

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