About - Her Hikeness
I'm Mona an outdoor girl and I love visiting our local boulder gym and make multiple trips throughout Europe for hiking and exploring. I write all about them in my blog with lots of information an inspiration for your outdoor and hiking adventures!
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Her Hikeness.

Her Hikeness is a blog filled with my outdoor adventures. Stories about traveling, sports, activities, gear & gadgets.

My main focus is my Instagram feed on which I post daily photos of my outdoor life. From time to time I like to dig a little deeper into my stories and that’s when I’ll write a blog about it on this website.

Some links posted on my blog will be affiliation links. If you buy something using those links I will earn a small part. These earnings will be used for this blog.

Curious to work with me? I can write (honest) reviews for gear, gadgets and travel locations on my blog, or post a picture on Instagram wearing and/or using your products. Please contact me if you like to know more about the possibilities.


Mona Alexandra.

Hi, I’m Mona. I’m a mother, wife, friend, animal lover, eco warrior, writer, photography and videography geek, and most of all outdoor enthousiast!

I love nature and all the magic it holds. I go on hikes every chance I’ve got. I love visiting our local boulder gym and make multiple trips throughout Europe for more hiking and exploring.

I also love to share and tell stories, this is why I started this blog. I hope to share all my funny moments, tears (of joy, I hope), amazing trips, helpful gadgets and travel photos with you.

See you soon!